WIN 50 Information (Prohormones)

WIN 50 by

Manufactured by:
Double Dragon Pharmaceuticals

Serving size: 1 capsule
Servings per container: 60

Amount Per Serving:
[3,2-c]pyrazole-5alpha-etioallocholane-17beta-tetrahydropyranol 50mg

Bottle recommended dosage: 1 capsule 2-3 times daily with meals. Do not exceed recommended dosage. Do not take for more than 6 weeks continuously without at least a 4-week break.

Same compound as found in Prostanozol and Orasan-E. 'Real world' dosages being used seem to be in the 50-150mg, although you often seen experienced users going much higher. This is because it only has abour a 15% or less oral bioavailability. Very few sides reported here. Rarely run standalone, but more often used often stacked with a methyl compound for a lean bulk or cut. Very mild, yet easily maintained gains.

This is a de-alkylated derivative of Stanozol, basically Winstrol with a thp ether for oral activity on carbon 17 instead of a methyl. Of course it's not as strong as Winstrol, but you can get some pretty good results when dosing at higher levels (200mg+) per day. No the best for strength or mass, but very good at adding hardness and definition.

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aka Stanozol THP; sold as Orastan-E, Stanozol, WinZstrol, Prostanzonol, P-Stanz

Half Life: 4-6 hours
Legal Status (US): Not listed as a controlled substance
Average Dose: 200-300mg/day standalone; 100-200mg/day when stacked
Average Cycle Length: 4-6 weeks

Stanozolol THP is the same compound as the anabolic steroid stanozolol (Winstrol) except it is not 17aa methylated, and instead has a THP ether attached on the 17b position.

The oral bioavailability for this compound is very low, at 15% or less, putting effective doses in the 150-250mg/day range. This can make a cycle expensive due.

Stanozolol THP does not aromatize and also has minimal bloat. It has moderately potent androgenic activity, giving it a fairly low risk for gyno or negative effects on the libido. Its androgenic effects, however, may cause concerns for users prone to androgenic related hair loss.

In the stomach, most of the THP-ether is removed by the stomach acid, leaving stanozolol (the non-methylated version). This compound produces mild gains, but the side-effects are also very mild. The consensus seems to be that dosees of at least 200mg daily need to be used in order to see noticeable gains in lean muscle mass and strength. Stanozolol THP produces very little water retention and can promote a a lean and vascular appearance. Big increases in weight are not likely to happen, so increased blood pressure and painful back pumps should not be a problem.

This compound would work well for cutting cycles and would stack well almost any other steroid.