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17a-methyl-etioallocholan-2-ene-17b-ol (Phera-Plex)

Pheraplex (phera-plex) was an anabolic steroid was sold as a sports supplement. It was banned in the US in 2009 and was classified as a schedule III anabolic steroid. Pheraplex was never really legal in the US, since it has the 17aMethyl chemical modification. Previously, it was theorized that this was legal, but further review of the law rendered the opinion that a 17a Methyl delivery is not legal.

Phera-Plex is the trade name for the anabolic steroid "madol" or 17a-methyl-etioallocholan-2-ene-17b-ol or DMT (deoxy-methyl-testosterone). Users reported wet gains of between 13-18lbs on a 30 day cycle. Even though it wouldn't appear to be a wet compound based on its structure, pheraplex caused extra cellular water, like an estrogenic compound.

While the original Phera Plex is no longer produced, there are various clones that offer identical results. It remains a popular compound in the hardcore community as it's one of the strongest compounds available on the over-the-counter market. Gains from Phera Plex and it's various clones tend to be wet (water weight).

It's well documented that P-Plex is one of the harshest compounds available. It will negatively impact blood pressure, lipid values, cholesterol levels and will put stress on the body's endocrine system. There are additional side effects that can also present, however in most cases they’re typically minor.

2a,17a-dimethyl-17a-hydroxy,5a-etiocholan-3-one (Superdrol)

Seems to be yet another chemical nomenclature for Superdrol:

2a,17a-dimethyl-5a-androst-3-one-17b-ol (Superdrol)

Superdrol is a powerful anabolic designer steroid brought to market in 2005, however due pressure by the FDA, the original Superdrol was pulled and is no longer available. Like many other compounds, it has been made available again through the production of clones.