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Yellow #5 (Food Coloring)

Also know as Tartrazine, C.I. 19140, or FD&C Yellow 5

Yellow 5 is a synthetic lemon yellow azo dye used as a food coloring. Yellow 5 is a commonly used color all over the world.

Because of the problem of tartrazine intolerance, the United States requires the presence of tartrazine to be declared on food and drug products and also the color batch used to be pre-approved by the FDA. The FDA regularly seizes products if found to be containing undeclared tartrazine, declared but not tested by them or if labeled other than FD&C yellow 5.

On June 30, 2010, the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) called for the FDA to ban Yellow 5. Executive Director Michael Jacobson said, "These synthetic chemicals do absolutely nothing to improve the nutritional quality or safety of foods, but trigger behavior problems in children and, possibly, cancer in anybody."

The use of tartrazine is banned in Norway, and was also banned in Austria and Germany until the ban was overturned by a European Union directive. The United Kingdom's Food Standards Agency called in April 2008 for a voluntary phase-out of tartrazine along with five other colorings, due to a reported link with hyperactivity in children.

Organic foods typically use beta carotene as an additive when yellow color is desired and more use has been made of annatto (E160b) for non-organic foods.
Supplements with this ingredient:
Na-R-ALA (On Cycle Support)

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