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Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid)

B5 (aka Pantothenic acid, pantothenate, d-calcium panthothenate) is a water-soluble vitamin. Many animals require pantothenic acid to synthesize coenzyme-A, as well as to synthesize and metabolize proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

Small quantities of pantothenic acid are found in nearly every food, with high amounts in whole-grain cereals, legumes, eggs, meat, royal jelly, avocado, and yogurt. It is commonly found as its alcohol analog, the provitamin panthenol, and as calcium pantothenate. Pantothenic acid is an ingredient in some hair and skin care products.

The derivative of pantothenic acid, pantothenol, is a more stable form of the vitamin and is often used as a source of the vitamin in multivitamin supplements. Another common supplemental form of the vitamin is calcium pantothenate. Calcium pantothenate is often used in dietary supplements. As a salt, it is more stable than pantothenic acid in the digestive tract, allowing for better absorption.

Doses of 2 g/day of calcium pantothenate may reduce the duration of morning stiffness, degree of disability, and pain severity from rheumatoid arthritis. Although the results are inconsistent, supplementation may improve oxygen efficiency and reduce lactic acid accumulation in athletes
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Cycle Assist (On Cycle Support)

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