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Taraxacum Officinate (dandelion)

Taraxacum officinale AKA dandelion is a herbaceous perennial plant of the family Asteraceae (Compositae). It can be found growing in temperate regions of the world, in lawns, on roadsides, on disturbed banks and shores of water ways, and other areas with moist soils.

The flowers are used to make dandelion wine, the greens are used in salads, the roots have been used to make a coffee-like drink and the plant was used by Native Americans as a food and medicine.

The leaves--dandelion greens--can be eaten cooked or raw in various forms, such as in soup or salad. They are probably closest in character to mustard greens. Usually the young leaves and unopened buds are eaten raw in salads, while older leaves are cooked. Raw leaves have a slightly bitter taste. The leaves are high in vitamin A, vitamin C and iron.

In Silesia and also other parts of Poland and world, dandelion flowers are used to make a honey substitute syrup with added lemon (so-called May-honey). This "honey" is believed to have a medicinal value, in particular against liver problems.

Dandelion root is a registered drug in Canada, sold principally as a diuretic. A hepatoprotective effect of chemicals extracted from dandelion root has been reported and the plant is known for its ability to treat jaundice, cholecystitis and cirrhosis. The dandelion also affects the digestive system by acting as a mild laxative, increasing appetite, and improving digestion.
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