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Soy Lecithin

Soy lecithin is a mixture of phospholipids derived from the processing of soybeans and generally used as a natural emollient in various food and industrial applications. Soy lecithin is lecithin derived from soybeans.

Lecithins are oily substances that occur naturally in plants (soybeans) and animals (egg yolks). Soy lecithin is extracted from soybeans either mechanically or chemically. Some people use it as a supplement, because it has a high value of the nutrient choline. Choline is good for heart health and brain development.

The emulsifying properties of lecithin have led to its use for promoting solidity in margarine, as coating for chocolates and other food, to give consistent textures to creams and dressings, and to avoid oil splattering during frying. It has also been useful for cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications and in other industries such as textiles, paints, waxes and lubricants.
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