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Policosanol is a mixture of waxy substances usually manufactured from sugarcane containing about 60% octacosanol, along with related chemicals. In some cases, the terms octacosanol and policosanol are used interchangeably.

Several studies have reported sugarcane policosanol can improve cholesterol profile. Policosanol has been approved as a treatment for high cholesterol in about two dozen countries, most of them in Latin America. It should be noted that all positive studies of policosanol were performed and reported by a single Cuban research group, a group that has a financial relationship to the product.

Independent studies of sugarcane policosanol showed policosanol proved more effective than placebo.

The tested Cuban policosanol product is manufactured from sugarcane. Octacosanol and related substances are also found in wheat germ oil, vegetable oils, alfalfa , and various animal products.

Due to political and patent issues, sugarcane policosanol is not widely available in the US. Products sold in the US market as "policosanol" are generally derived from beeswax or wheat germ. These products have a significantly different mixture of constituents and could have substantially different effects.

Policosanol is one of the fastest growing over-the-counter supplements sold in the United States. The use of policosanol to treat elevated cholesterol is based on clinical trials conducted in Cuba, which showed sugar cane?derived policosanol to be similar in efficacy to statins. Recent studies have challenged these findings, but there have been no trials conducted in North America that have examined the ability of sugar cane?derived policosanol to lower cholesterol.
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