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Milk Protein Concentrate

Milk protein concentrate (MPC) is any type of concentrated milk product that contains 40-90% milk protein. In addition to ultrafiltered milk products, the MPC classification includes concentrates made through other processes, such as blending nonfat dry milk with highly concentrated proteins, such as casein.

MPC is usually produced from skim milk by a series of processes that includes ultrafiltration, evaporation, and drying. MPC contains undenatured forms of both casein and whey protein. The level of protein, lactose and minerals present varies depending on the degree of protein concentration. Ultrafiltration determines the compensation of the MPC while evaporation and drying are used to remove only water. The product is also pasteurized to eliminate potential pathogens.

Currently there is no standard of identity for MPC in the United States. Although ultrafiltration is the preferred method for extracting MPC, it can also be produced by precipitating the proteins out by dry blending the milk proteins with other milk components.
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