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Methyl-1-Etiocholenolol-Epietiocholanolone (Methyl 1-AD)

Alpha One

This is one of the strongest pro-hormones/anabolic designer steroids around. Keep cycles very short with three weeks being the most common cycle length.

It's known to have some conversion to M1T (Methyl-1-Testosterone) as M1A/Alpha One is a precursor to M1T, however legit information regarding the rate of conversion is unknown. Most educated estimates are in the 15-20% range. Methyl 1-AD is an already active steroid. Regardless of conversion to M1T, it's plenty sufficient on it's own.

NOT for first time pro-hormone and steroid users.

Alpha One is an oral pro-hormone processed by the liver. Alpha One is methylated, which puts additional strain on the liver. This harsh compounds will negatively impact blood pressure, lipid values, cholesterol levels and will stress your endocrine system.

Because of its strength, you should start with a lower dose in order to understand how you resond. Alpha One cycles are most commonly 3 weeks in length, however advanced users can run 4 week cycles.

Dosages above 60mg per day are not recommended.
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Alpha One (Prohormones)

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