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Massularia Acuminata 4:1

Massularia Acuminata 4:1 is an herb native to West Africa that has been shown to have a positive effect on the production of testosterone levels in the male body and increases the rate of luteinizing hormones. Both of these actions serve to promote muscle growth and increase sexual arousal. There is a related increase in aggressive attitude as well, although much less than is found with testosterone promoting agents.

Massularia Acuminata 4:1 specifically promotes the production of endogenous testosterone which is created within the testicles. Studies have shown that a cycle of Massularia Acuminata 4:1 can increase endogenous testosterone and luteinizing hormones by over 60% from the baseline levels of study participants. The combination of the hormones increase is directly related to the experienced increase in libido of users.

Massularia Acuminata 4:1 has been traditionally used to:
  • Aphrodisiac
  • Increase Strength
  • Increase Endurance
Clinical studies have documented that Massularia Acuminata 4:1 is effective in its traditional usage; however that it is dose dependent. Less than a dose of a 4 to one ration (one dose, four times a day) will not produce any noticeable results. The individual dosage amount is not definitive although studies indicate that amounts of 550mg are the baseline for effective results. Purity and quality of the Massularia Acuminata source is also another factor in the effectiveness of the supplement.

Massularia Acuminata 4:1 has few known side effects but it is not recommended for women. The natural stimulation of endogenous testosterone causes a compatible rise in testosterone related aggression but not to a hyper aggressive state. It is considered safe to take although caution is recommended for anyone with a compromised liver or kidney condition.
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