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L-leucine (Leucine)

L-leucine (leucine) is an essential amino acid. The human body doesn't produce L-leucine, which means it must obtained through dietary protein. Leucine can help to enhance the flavor of many different types of food.

In the body, leucine is produced by the process of hydrolysis. The amino acid is used in muscle tissue, the liver, and in adipose (fat) tissue. In the case of muscle and adipose tissue, leucine is one of the components needed to form sterols.

One important role of Leucine is to help the body maintain proper blood glucose level. Leucine also helps maintain the various muscle systems in the body. One of the most important benefits is that leucine can help to delay the deterioration of muscle tissue while enhancing the production of muscle proteins. For people who are physically active, this means the muscles do not tire as easily and also do not begin to break down under stress as quickly. Proper levels of leucine help the body heal more efficiently and aid in hormone production.
Supplements with this ingredient:
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