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Cocoa Powder, Natural Cocoa Powder, Alkalized cocoa powders

Cocoa powder is the end product of a process that removes a significant portion of the fat or cocoa butter from the cocoa bean. The starting cocoa bean material is usually in the form of chocolate liquor. This liquor contains no alcohol and is the roasted cocoa bean material that has been finely ground and refined into a paste that becomes fluid at temperatures above 104F (40C). This fluid is then subjected to a pressing process the removes most of the fat or cocoa butter from the liquor. The resulting material is called cocoa press cake and contains from 10-12% residual cocoa butter. This press cake is then mechanically broken into smaller pieces and ground into a fine powder commonly known as cocoa powder.

Natural cocoa powder comes from pressing cocoa beans with no additional modifications.

Alkalized cocoa powders (AKA Dutched coca powder) comes from chocolate liquid paste that's been treated with mild alkali solutions to raise the pH. Alkalization can be used to create a range of dark brown and red-brown colors that add desirable appearances to some food products that contain cocoa powders. Alkalization can improve taste by reducing some of the sourness and bitterness associated with natural cocoa powders. The alkalization of cocoa powder can also improve the solubility of cocoa powder for better beverage mixing.
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