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Cassia nomame (aerial)

Cassia nomame has been used for thousands of years, and is native to China and originally produced in the south of the Changjiang river. An extract of this herb is showing up in many weight loss and diet formulations due to the way it affects the way our body handles fat.

The claim is that Cassia nomame is a natural lipase inhibitor, which means it disrupts the digestive enzyme process to block fat from getting into the bloodstream. It also is said to have diuretic and stimulating properties.

Similar to the white kidney bean, Cassia nomame contains flavanols which help to fight antioxidants, and also prevent the body from absorbing excess amounts of fat into the bloodstream.

Many studies have shown that Cassia nomame has proved significant in the weight loss area, with many participants showing up to 30% blocked fat that was ingested.
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