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Cassia Occidentalis

Senna occidentalis is a pantropical plant species. Other name include ʻauʻaukoʻi in Hawaii, coffee senna, coffeeweed, Mogdad coffee, negro-coffee, senna coffee, Stephanie coffee, stinkingweed or styptic weed. The species was formerly placed in the genus Cassia.

The plant is reported to be poisonous to cattle. The plant contains anthraquinones. The roots contain emodin[3] and the seeds contain chrysarobin (1,8-dihydroxy-3-methyl-9-anthrone) and N-methylmorpholine.

Cassia occidentalis belongs to Leguminosae family, Its common name is Ponnavarai. The parts used are roots, leaves and seeds. It is used for fever, menstrual problems, tuberculosis, diuretic anemic, liver complaints, and as a tonic for general weakness and illness.

Studies have concluded the antioxidant content of Cassia occidentalis might play a major role in controlling the tissue damage caused by reactive oxygen species. Biochemical and histopathological studies confirmed the protective effect of the aqueous extract of Cassia occidentalis against CCl4 induced liver damage in rats. However, the exact nature of the hepatoprotection exhibited by the plant sample has to be studied for further details.
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LiverCare (On Cycle Support)

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