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Calcium Fructoborate

Calcium fructoborate2 as a dietary supplement is a patented compound composed of calcium bound to boron (from plants). The boron molecule is linked to two fructose molecules (from fruit, nuts and legumes), creating a unique natural chelate of all three nutrients. This carbohydrate/boron structure has an enhanced ability to guide and connect boron to appropriate cell membrane receptors. It naturally regulates parathyroid function to support healthier levels of calcium, vitamin D, estrogen, and testosterone, thereby helping to offset typical problems of aging. It also helps reduce vitamin D elimination from your body and can even improve vitamin D status by itself.


Calcium fructoborate ? a nature identical plant mineral complex produced by Illinois-based VDF Futureceuticals ? could deliver significant benefits to people with mild knee osteoarthritis, according to a new pilot study.
Supplements with this ingredient:
ERGOPURE (Test Boosters/Hormone Regulation)

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