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Calcium Caseinate

Casein is often listed as sodium caseinate, calcium caseinate or milk protein. Casein is the main protein nearly 80 percent of proteins in cow milk and cheese. It is used as a dietary supplement by bodybuilders and other athletes. Caseinate breaks down at a slower rate than whey protein, thus supplying the body with a sustained protein release over a longer time period.

Caseinate is derived from fresh skim milk and is very high in glutamic acid. It is comprised of 92% protein and, as mentioned above, is very slow to digest. Athletes who require extra protein added to their diets may find many potential benefits from caseinate. Casein proteins stay in the acidic environment of the stomach, releasing helpful muscle-building amino acids for hours longer than other protein powders. Bodybuilders usually take caseinate before bed and with breakfast for that reason. Due to the slow release of proteins, the calcium caseinate can also make you feel full throughout the day, possibly eliminating the desire for unhealthy snacks or unnecessarily high-calorie meals.

Proteins derived from fresh milk are usually high in a glutamic acid, an amino acid essential to building muscles. Amino acids are fuel for a body's metabolism and are created when the body breaks down proteins. Glutamic acids can help not only with feeding the muscles, but with disposing of waste and nitrogen as well.
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