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Brown Rice Protein

Dor some users, dairy and soy can cause digestive problems. Brown rice protein is usually more easily digested and, as with soy protein, is completely vegan.

Less expensive than whey protein powder
Very easily digested
Good for lactose intolerance

Can be very bitter
Can be chalky
Not a complete protein

Although mainly considered a carbohydrate, rice contains amino acids that make up proteins. Through a special conversion process, brown rice is treated with enzymes that separate the carbs and proteins. This resulting protein is easily disguised.

People who wish to avoid consuming animal products often prefer this protein. Compared to other protein powders, those made of rice are typically less expensive.

The amount of protein grams per serving ranges from about 10 to 30 grams depending on the brand. Overall calories are usually less in rice-based powders than other types of protein powders.

Rice is not a complete protein, so other proteins must be consumed with it.
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