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Brewers Yeast

Most people are familiar with Brewer’s Yeast as an ingredient used in the fermenting of alcohol or in baking. It has many different properties that make it an excellent dietary supplement, especially for vegetarians, as well as having properties that can be used as an alternative treatment for certain conditions. The medical community recognizes that Brewer’s Yeast is proven effective in helping to regulate certain conditions such as diabetes and it continues to be studied to more fully understand it’s potential.

Brewer’s Yeast in the Diet

Brewer’s Yeast as an addition to your diet is good for everyone, but especially for those following a vegan or vegetarian diet. Both of those specialized diets are frequently characterized by problems associated with vitamin and protein deficiencies. Brewer’s Yeast has a high level of proteins and nutrients that are easily digestible by the body. In a typical 30g serving of Brewer’s Yeast, there will be 16g of protein.

It will also contain:

- amino acids
- 14 minerals
- 17 vitamins
- Thiamin
- Riboflavin
- Niacin
- B6
- pantothenic acid
- biotin
- folic acid
- chromium
- zinc
- Iron
- Phosphorus
- Selenium

Brewer’s Yeast is often used to treat diarrhea and as a topical treatment for a variety of skin infections and conditions.

Brewer’s Yeast and Diabetes

One of the most promising uses of Brewer’s Yeast is as a complementary supplement to help control diabetes. While not fully understood, it is believed that the high level of chromium in Brewer’s Yeast is what allows it to effectively lower blood sugar levels. This can be a preferable way of maintaining blood glucose for those who are sensitive to pharmaceutical medications or who are seeking to regulate their blood sugar levels to prevent a pre-diabetic condition from developing into a full type of diabetes.

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