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Bovine Cartilage

Bovine Cartilage is receiving increasing notice as a viable alternative cancer treatment from the Western medical community. It is important that in discussing the use and effectiveness of Bovine Cartilage that it is not confused with Shark Cartilage, a popular alternative treatment to promote bone health.

Bovine Cartilage is indicated for use in treatment of certain cancers and HIV/AIDS because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor properties. It is primarily harvested from the trachea of cows and no current standardization of harvesting exists beyond the manufacturers system of quality control.

Conditions that show response to treatment

The following conditions have shown a preliminary positive response to the oral supplement or sub-cutaneous injection of Bovine Cartilage for the use of reducing inflammation, reducing/preventing tumor growth:
-Ulcerative Colitis

Bovine Cartilage is showing promise in the prevention and treatment of cancers with specificity as yet to be determined, but it has been studied most exclusively with brain cancers.

As a topical treatment, Bovine Cartilage is used to treat or provide relief for the following conditions:
-External hemorrhoids
-Rectal itching
-Poison Oak

Bovine Cartilage is safe to use for most people, but can result in nausea and fatigue if the recommended dosage amount is exceeded. If using the supplement to treat a condition, consult your doctor first to make sure it is not counterindicated by any other medications you may be taking.
Emergency Usage

Bovine Cartilage is also proven effective in acting as an antidote and/or neutralizing agent for certain types of chemical poisoning. Depending on the MSDA instructions, it may have to be taken orally, by sub-cutaneous injection or applied topically for maximum effectiveness. Using Bovine Cartilage should never replace treatment by qualified Emergency Medical Personnel, but can be a helpful emergency treatment until their arrival.

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