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Botanical Protein

Every diet needs to have a source of protein, good fats and fiber. For those following vegetarian and vegan diets, deficiencies can easily occur without a proper replacement for the source that animal protein provides for protein and fats. Botanical protein is one of the most recommended supplements to your diet to make sure that proper nutrition is achieved.

Botanical proteins are natural and contain many of the better Omega fats that are not available via animal sources. Botanical protein also provides supplemental dietary fiber but most of all, it can be an excellent way to add protein into your diet that will be easily digestible.

Bio-regulation Enhancement

The most important benefit of adding Botanical Protein to your diet is it supports proper bio regulation. Bio regulation is the process by which the human body naturally balances proteins, hormones and other processes to keep your immune system functioning well and to increase overall health. If your diet lacks in sufficient protein, it does not just result in a loss of energy but can affect the balance of your hormones as well. If you are not getting enough protein in your diet you could experience the following symptoms:

- Craving for carbs
- Sweet tooth
- Constant snacking
- Fatigue

The body cannot store protein, although many types of proteins will remain in the system, they do not contribute to your well-being. The majority of Botanical Protein supplements are high in dietary fiber so the proteins that are not used will pass out of your system quickly. Proper intake of protein will aid in bio regulation and help moderate and control blood sugar issues. Vegetarians and vegans are most susceptible to blood sugar dysregulation because of a lack of protein in their diet.

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