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Borage Oil

Borage Oil is a natural substance harvest from flowers that has strong anti-inflammatory properties and can aid in the management and recovery from a variety of conditions. It can be taken topically, orally or added to food directly. It is a fatty oil that is high in GLA (gamma linoleic-acid) that is thought to be the source of its usefulness in reducing inflammation of the joints and skin.

More research is indicating that Borage Oil does not work as a salve so much as it aids in promoting natural cellular rejuvenation.

Borage Oil and Skin Care

Borage oil is frequently used for the relief and treatment of
-Seborrheic Dermatitis

Applied topically, or taken as a supplement, there is increasing evidence that Borage Oil can restore the capability of adult skin to maintain and retain proper moisture levels. This can provide relief to dry, tight and itchy skin that is not at the extent of being labeled a skin disorder. There is evidence that suggests taking Borage Oil as a supplement can help restore the cellular skin function that is responsible for maintaining the moisture levels in adult skin.

Borage Oil and Health Conditions

Borage Oil has too very noticeable effects on the human body that allow it to aid in a wide range of ailments. The oil has both a hormone affect and sedative properties. The sedative properties allow it to provide relief for PMS, ADHD, Alcoholism and stress. The hormone affect can help people suffering from adrenal insufficiencies and can help women to produce more breast milk. It is indicated most for people with inflammatory issues as it has proven anti-inflammatory properties. People with rheumatoid arthritis are commonly told to add Borage Oil to their diets or health regimens.

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