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Bone Marrow

Consuming Bone Marrow for its health benefits is something that is new to the Western mind, but in many cultures, this has long been a culinary dish valued for its health giving properties. Adding in Bone Marrow can be done easily and it is well tolerated by most people. While it is higher in fat than many other supplements, it is not saturated fat so it is not going to adversely affect people with type 2 diabetes or weight control issues. There are many surprising benefits to Bone Marrow, some that are only just being discovered.

Why Bone Marrow is Good

Bone Marrow is an excellent source of protein, iron and calcium in your daily diet. It contains a high occurrence of Vitamin K, which can help with bone health. You can add bone marrow to your diet easily as it is found in a variety of formats from compound powders to teas and supplements. You can also preserve the bone marrow when cooking certain bone in meats. There is another aspect to Bone Marrow that is only just being discovered, it may be a very good way to combat the ravages of certain types of cancer and to help people recover from chemotherapy treatments.

What Scientists are Beginning to Discover

There has been a noticeable correlation between the digestion of bone marrow and an easing of recovery from chemotherapy in children being treated for Leukemia, as well as significant anecdotal evidence that taking a Bone Marrow supplement may help osteoporosis. While the evidence is not conclusive, there is a significant link that scientists are examining between consuming external bone marrow and how it can aid the body’s process of hemopoeisis, which is how stem cells are generated within the body.

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