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Blessed Thistle Herb

The Cnicus benedictus (More commonly known as St. Benedict's thistle, holy thistle, spotted thistle, or, as we will be calling it, blessed thistle), is a thistle located in the Mediterranean region of Eurasia.

It has also been domesticated and/or introduced to various parts of North America. The name of this herb is rather unique, and it was given this name because it was formerly believed to be an antidote to poisonous bites.

Blessed thistle herb is used in modern alternative medicine in a number of ways. It contains sesquiterpenes and a number of other chemicals that can help with various health issues.

Here are the most common ways that blessed thistle herb is used.
-It stimulates gastric juices and saliva, so that you have a better appetite and can more easily digest your food. Sometimes it is used in the treatment of eating disorders. It also stimulates the production of bile in the liver.
-There are some alternative cancer remedies that use the blessed thistle herb as part of the treatment. This is probably the most controversial use of the blessed thistle herb, but many people believe that it is actually quite effective.
-Blessed thistle herb is used for a number of antibacterial and antifungal purposes.
-Some people use blessed thistle herb for blocking gonadotropin and preventing inflammation.
-If a mother is having issues lactating to feed a child, blessed thistle herb can be used as a galactogogue to promote lactation. Even though this is not a widely-known use of the blessed thistle herb, there are a number of nurses in Canada and other countries that use blessed thistle herb in this manner.

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