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Black Currant Extract (Ribes nigrum)

Ribes nigrum, more commonly known as black currant, is a woody shrub that is found throughout Europe and Asia. The extract is used in a number of medicinal ways and is said to be an incredibly effective natural remedy. The seed oil, leaves, fruit, and flowers of this shrub are used to make medicine. The extract, which we’re going to discuss here, is from the fruit and the oil of the extract.

A number of dietary supplements contain black currant extract. The most beneficial part of this extract is a chemical called gamma-linolenic acid, or GLA. There are a number of health benefits of GLA that have been studied, most related to the immune system.

Here are some of the many ways that black currant extract is used in medicine.
-Some women will use black currant extract to treat menopause, premenstrual syndrome, painful periods, and breast tenderness and pain.
-As mentioned above, GLA is great for the immune system; so many people will take a supplement containing black currant extract to boost immunity.
-Black currant extract can be used for a number of ailments, including coughs, diarrhea, colic, colds, and whooping cough.
-Some of the nutrients in black currant extract assist with the urinary tract, the kidneys, and liver. Black currant extract has been used to disinfect urine, promote urine flow, treat bladder stones, treat kidney stones, and as a part of treatment for hepatitis and other liver conditions.
-There is some evidence that black currant extract can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.
-You can use black currant extract topically to help prevent infection of wounds and irritation caused by insect bites.

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