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Bilberry Fruit Extract (Genus Vaccinium)

The bilberry is the fruit of shrubs in the genus Vaccinium. These berries are edible, and many times, the fruit (usually ripened and dried) and the leaves are used for a variety of medicinal purposes. There are a number of types of bilberries out there, but the main one that we are discussing here is Vaccinium myrtillus L, the common bilberry (more commonly known as the huckleberry).

The main thing that makes bilberry extract useful is that it contains tannins. Tannins help to reduce inflammation all over the body, which can help with a number of disorders and diseases. There are also flavinoids in the bilberry, which help increase blood flow to various areas of the body.

The uses of bilberry fruit extract in medicine include the following:
-Diarrhea and other digestive disorders
-Circulatory system and heart problems (including atherosclerosis).
-Kidney disease, including kidney stones
-Urinary tract infections
-Chronic fatigue syndrome
-Mouth sores
-Throat soreness and discomfort
-Skin disorders
-Arthritis (not rheumatoid)

Also, if you wish to improve your night vision, bilberry fruit extract may be an option for you to consider. During World War II, many pilots, specifically those in the Royal Air Force (Great Britain) would use bilberry extract in order to help with their night vision, which helped them with night missions during the war. Even though there is little research regarding this, bilberries do help with other eye conditions related to the retina, and bilberry fruit extract can even help with cataracts.

Overall, this little berry seems to be able to do a lot for those who utilize it as a supplement or as part of their diet.

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