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Beef Peptone

Meat peptones are used for a number of reasons, the most common related to scientific research. Normally, they are used to feed and maintain bacteria and fungi during scientific studies. They can also be used in cases of emergency; if a person has had a severe operation or has collapsed due to severe hemorrhaging, beef peptones may be used in order to help sustain them until they are able to get more appropriate nutrition and assistance.

Meat Peptones are manufactured by using selected animal tissues and putting them through enzymatic hydrolysis, which involves using enzymes to break them down and get them going. These peptones are derived from animal milk or meat that is already partially digested via a process called proteolyic digestion.. Beef peptones are some of the most common peptones used in the manners described above, but researches will also use pork pancreas extract or pepsin as a part of the process.

After going through the process of enzymatic hydrolysis, these spray-dried materials then contain a number of different nutrients, including the following:

- Small peptides and chains of peptides
- Fats
- Metals and metal alloys
- Salts
- Vitamins
- Biological compounds

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