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Banaba Extract 1%

Banaba Extract 1% is made from a flowering tropical tree that grows in the Philippines. The historic uses of the Banaba have included consuming its roots, trees and distilling an extract from the pulp of both. It can be taken as an additive to liquids and is usually dosed as 32 to 48 mg. Banaba Extract 1% has no documented cases of adverse reactions or toxicity when taken in larger oral doses.

Uses for Banaba Extract 1%
  • Diuretic
  • Weight loss
  • Emetic
  • Blood sugar control
Enough documented evidence has been shown of the traditional use of Banaba Extract 1% in controlling blood sugar levels that it is currently being studied under controlled conditions for its effectiveness in managing diabetes. Not enough evidence has been returned by clinical studies to promote its use as an alternative treatment for diabetes, however early indications are positive that it can assist in managing blood sugar levels. Studies are being conducted on its efficacy in blood sugar management for those with Type 2 diabetes.

There are only two cautions associated with the use of Banaba Extract 1%, the first stemming from the lack of human trials. It is not recommended for use by lactating women and women who are breastfeeding as it is unknown whether the Banaba Extract is passed via the breast milk to the infant. The second known caution is for anyone with a diabetic condition who is taking medication for their diabetes. The documented effect on blood sugar of Banaba Extract 1% can create an additive condition with the effect on blood sugar of the medication which can cause complications. Consult your doctor before taking Banaba Extract 1% if you are on any medication for any type of diabetes.
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