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Acacetin (5,7-Dihydroxy-4-methoxyflavone)

Acacetin is an anti-aromatase and estrogenic activity blocker that is derived from the Damiana Plant. Aromotase is the essential part to estrogen synthesis in the human body and Acacetin has been shown by researchers to be the most effective natural substance to block the synthesis.

Acacetin is used by body builders, athletes and weightlifters to control the amount of estrogen in their bodies when cycling with androgenic compounds to avoid complications due to a conflicting hormonal balance. It is also being considered as a relief agent for women with menopausal symptoms and as a preventative measure for women at risk for, but without developed hormone sensitive cancers of the breast, uterus and ovaries.

What Acacetin is used for:

Weight loss
Relief from menopause symptoms
Tumor growth prevention
Reduction of Estrogen synthesis

Acacetin is an effective weight loss measure has it blocks the estrogen synthesis in the body and forces the body to seek contractile protein from the synthesis of estrogen receptor fat cells. It acts upon the body through a natural suppression process but will not eliminate or permanently disrupt the ability to synthesize aromatase or estrogen. Upon cessation of the cycling routine, the body?s natural aromatase and estrogen activity will return to normal amounts. Acacetin is not a banned substance by most sporting bodies.

In one research study, Acacetin lowered aromatase synthesis by over 60%. There is no supported dosage amount for Acacetin however it is recommended that it is taken in as controlled a quality format as possible. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not take Acacetin as it may interfere with the sex hormone development process of the fetus. Anyone with a diagnoses hormone sensitive cancer should avoid taking the supplement as well.
Supplements with this ingredient:
RA Silver Bullet PCT System (Post Cycle Support)
RA Ultra Sphinx Pre Workout Formula (Pre-workout)

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