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Yet another comppound I can't find any info on. Id this 6 Bromo? There are (at a minimum) 2 different forms of that:

6 alpha-Bromodione is a competitive inhibitor of aromatase enzymes. It works by binding to the active site of the aromatase enzyme resulting in prevention of interaction with other steroids that aromatize. This is great for rapid binding and short term aromatase control, but unfortunately a competitive inhibitor will eventually let go of the enzyme and allow it to do feminizing things to manly hormones. So, only half of the job is done.

6 beta-Bromodione is a mechanism-based irreversible inhibitor of the aromatase enzyme. An irreversible aromatase inhibitor is also referred to as a suicide inhibitor. It acts similar to a competitive inhibitor in the way it binds, but it is both highly selective and will not let go.

Together the two analogs in 6-Bromodione (is this what6-Bromoandrosten-2a-drol is?) make sure estrogen is under control.

Companies have a way or rewriting compounds to make them sound new. So what I'm saying is, can't find any info on theis exact compound, and I have no idea what it is or is supposed to do.
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MethylDrol (Prohormones)

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