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I can't find a whole lot on this. What I found comes from HenryV, a respsected commentor on, and he wrote that it's:

"Unmethylated winny (p-stanz), illegal in this country."

By "this country" I'm assuming he means USA....

I also found a psot that says it "needs to be run at 300-500mg daily to acheive the same results as 20-50mg of its methylated counterpart."

There's pleny of information out there on p-stanz (prostanozol). Prostanozol is a non-alkylated pro-hormones/designer-steroids that's a variation of the anabolic steroid Stanozolol (aka Winstrol).

This is one of the mildest compounds available, so it's a great compound for newbies to start with. It's non-methylated, so liver issues aren't a major factor. It's mildness though means it's not as effective when used standalone for a user looking to bulk. It works best when stacked with a stronger methylated steroid or pro-hormone for those looking to bulk. If you're looking to cut, it's more effective.
Supplements with this ingredient:
Splice (Prohormones)
Winnivar Extreme (Prohormones)

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