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3a-hydroxy-5a-androstan-17-one (Androsterone)

3a-hydroxy-5a-androstan-17-one (aka Androsterone) is an endogenous steroid hormone and weak androgen with a potency that is approximately 1/7th that of testosterone.

It can be converted to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) from 17-hydroxyprogesterone, bypassing conventional intermediates such as androstenedione and testosterone. As such, it can be considered to be a metabolic intermediate.

It was discovered 1931 by Adolf Friedrich Johann Butenandt and Kurt Tscherning. They distilled out of male urine, resulting in crystalline androsterone, which was sufficient to find that the chemical formula was very similar to estrone.

Androsterone and Epiandrosterone are essentially the same molecule, with androsterone being the 3-alpha isomer and epiandrosterone being the 3-beta isomer.

Androsterone not only does not convert to estrogen, but it also actually has anti-estrogen effects, making it good to use during a cutting cycle to aid in fat loss.

Androsterone may be more powerful when used as a sublingual (where it is absorbed through the tissues under the tongue directly into the blood stream). For this reason, androsterone products are often sold as a lozenge to be dissolved slowly in the mouth.

The typical dosage range for androsterone is 300-400 mg/day, though some may dose higher. This is best used in 4-6 week cycles, with a mild over the counter post-cycle therapy to follow such as an all-in-one test booster and estrogen blocker, of which there are many to choose from.
Supplements with this ingredient:
Finaflex 1-Andro (Prohormones)

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