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3a,17b-dihydroxy-5a-androst-1-ene (1-AD)

AKA 1-androstenediol

This compound is banned in the United States in the Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2004.

Converts to 1-testosterone, a 5-alpha reduced 1-ene steroid. 1-testosterone is the 5-alpha reduced version of the naturally occurring steroid boldenone.

Cannot aromatize to estrogen either directly or through any of its metabolic products. However, 1-Testosterone, being a 5-alpha reduced steroid, is highly androgenic; it is very similar to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Many side effects associated with excessive levels of DHT, including male pattern baldness, testicular shrinkage, benign prostate hypertrophy and acne can occur with 1-AD usage.

1-AD was discovered in the 1940s and a metabolic study was published in 1972. In the 1990s governments worldwide tried to eliminate access to anabolic steroids. This led to the rediscovery of 1-AD and 1-Testosterone by chemist Patrick Arnold compounds that (in some countries, at least) were not covered by existing anti-steroid laws.

The dosage regimen usually recommended for 1-AD is 600 mg/day, divided into several spaced doses. The effective dosage may, however, depend upon bodyweight. Increases in muscle size and strength should start being noticed after about a week of usage.
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