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3',5,7-Trihydroxy-4'-methoxyflavanone (Hesperetin)

Generic Names: Cyanidanon 4'-Methyl Ether 1626; Hesperitin; YSO2

Hesperidin (a flavonone glycoside) is water-soluble due to the presence of the sugar part in its structure, so on ingestion it releases its aglycone, i.e, hesperetin. Hesperidin is found in Citrus fruits.

Potential uses include lowering cholesterol and, possibly, otherwise favorably affecting lipids. In vitro research also suggests the possibility that hesperetin might have some anticancer effects and that it might have some anti-aromatase activity.
Supplements with this ingredient:
1,4 Andro Maxx (Prohormones)
RA Strength/Shred Formula (Prohormones)

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