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I'm afraid I can't find much on this....

Patrick Arnold, acknowledged as the defacto father of prohormones, had this to say:

"that's the same as
which is a controlled substance in many states

"it should be a controlled substance nationally but since the people that wrote the 2004 anabolic steroid control act screwed up royally they put alpha where they should have put beta. so they ended up banning a useless steroid instead of the one they meant to

"I dunno if that typo ever was resolved, or if a typo is grounds enough to cover your ass. I wouldn't risk it if i were considering selling the stuff"


"it was made a controlled substance in 2005 i believe. Its basically norbolethone without the 17a-ethyl. Its also the thing that the prohormone that i forgot they call converts to. you know, the gona-2,5(10)-diene crap or whatever"

and on the nomenclature

"13-ethyl-gon and 18-methyl-estr both mean the same thing"
Supplements with this ingredient:
Sasquatch DNA Pure Mass (Prohormones)

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