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17-alpha-Allyl-estra-4,9,11-triene-17-beta-ol-3-one (Allyltrenbolone, Altrenogest)

aka Allyltrenbolone, aka Altrenogest,

This is a recent arrival to the anabolic scene being marketed as P-Tren. There are some pretty powerful claims being made about this compounds muscle building effects.

Unlike trenbolone which can isomerize to 17-epitrenbolone, altrenogest is very resistant to metabolism due to the 17a-allyl group. The metabolism of altrenogest in horses was studied in 2006 with a view to prevent it's use as a 'doping agent' in horse-racing competitions ? not as an anabolic, but because estrus can impair the performances of mares.

The short story here is that allyltrenbolone is a synthetic progestagens.

"It has no anabolic properties and therefore there is an exemption in the EC directives concerning this substance. Although the name is suggestive, it does not have the properties of trenbolone. Allyltrenbolone is totally different from trenbolone with respect to the biological facts. It is certainly not suitable for growth promotion."

Read all about it at TotalFlexBlog (link below).
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