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Prohormones: Stacks and Stacking

A common question I see in forums and in emails sent to me at ProhormoneDB is: What is a good prohormone stack? To figure that out, let's look at what a stack is.

In a nutshell, stacking refers to taking more than one prohormone or steroid at the same time. Stacks are used to get a different combination of effects. One prohormone might be good at adding wet mass, so a complement to that might be to take a prohormone that promotes dry gains. One prohormone might be know for being risk for gyno, while another might help to limit that side, so the two are combined. Different prohormones have different effects, and stacking is a methodology some users apply to maximize benefits while minimizing sides.

So what makes a good stack? Although some prohormones are known for having a specific effect on users, it's important you understand that each person reacts differently. What works for one person might not work for you. So my suggestion: before you do any stack, take each prohormone individually to observe how your body reacts. If Superdrol doesn't work that well for you as a standalone, then it's not going to be effective in stack either. Once you find two prohormones that you respond well to, it MIGHT be worthwhile to explore using them together.

Some things to look at when considering a stack include the strength of the prohormone or steroid and whether or not the compound is methylated.

A good way to determine relative strength is to consider the Class rating of the prohormone or steroid. has a good class rating chart:

Class I
These compounds are non-methylated (liver friendly), have low risk of sides, typically produce easy to maintain gains and have easier to plan cycles. These also make great ‘stackers’ for more experienced users. An over the counter PCT will suffice for Class 1 compounds.

Furazadrol, Furaguno, Winadrol, Winabol - Non-Methylated, great cutter and stacker Propadrol - Non-Methylated, solid cutter and stacker 11-OXO, 11-Test - Non-Methylated, stellar cutter, cortisol control BOLD, EQ-PLEX - Non-Methylated, solid bulker, increases appetite

Class II
Class II compounds are methylated which means liver protection is required. Side effects are typically greater than Class I compounds, however gains are often better with as well. Prescription grade PCT regiments are recommended for Class II compounds, however, over the counter will suffice for some users.

Halodrol, H-Drol, Halo-D - Methylated, great multi-purpose compound Promagnon, P-Mag - Methylated, comparable to H-Drol, better bulker Protodrol - Methylated, recent to market, solid cutter/recomp

Class III
These compounds are for advanced users who've previously completed 2-3 successful cycles. Side effects are more common than with Class II compounds, gains can be harder to maintain post cycle, and a prescription grade post cycle therapy regiment is recommended. Cycles using Class III compounds tend to be shorter due to the increased occurrence of sides.

Tren and clones - non-Methylated, great recomp/bulker Epistane, Havoc - Methylated, great cutter, estrogen control M-1,4ADD - Methylated, great bulker, wet gains Max LMG and clones - Methylated, great bulker, wet gains Dymethazine - Methylated, bulker, comparable to Superdrol

Class IV These are the strongest compounds and typically produce rapid gains, but come with significant risk of sides. These compounds are for experienced users only.

Pheraplex - Methylated, great bulker, wet gains Superdrol, S-Drol, M-Drol - Methylated, great bulker, very potent Mass Tabs - Methylated, contains Superdrol

Using the above info as a guide, you probably wouldn't want to stack two Class IV compounds. You usually want to go two classes lower that the highest. You also wouldn't want to stack two compounds that have a reputation for a lot of sides (i.e. Max LMG and Super). Stay away from stacks with compounds that do the same thing (M-1 and Phera). Go for compounds that complement each other (Bulker with a cutter, dry gainer with a wet).

Also consider whether or not the compound is methylated. You usually don't want to stack two methylated compounds, as the risk of liver dysfunction can be much greater. Some methyls are known to have a much greater risk of sides than other. Epistane, despite being a methyl, has a good reputation as being milder on the liver than many of the other methyls. Same for Protodrol. Super and Tren have a reputation as being harsh on the liver.

Good sample stacks:

The above are just some potential suggestions. Everyone responds differently, and it's important that you evaluate your body's response to each individual compound before you stack.

Two things to keep in mind when using prohormones or designer steroids, and for life in general:

1. Slow and steady wins the race

2. More is not necessarily better!
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Comment by DIAL IT IN on 11/24/2014 12:24:00 AM
I am new to the p-hormone supplement world.
And I was reading about the different types and strengths of p-hormone supps on this sitethat are available.
And I did notice the person explaining that some were over dosed and some were under dosed.
and he kept recommending building your own stacks a bit more pricier but the safer way to go.
My question is what is a good p-hormone supplier with quality products.
And what would be a good p-hormone to start with and the recommended strength.
I'm looking to make size gains and look lean I don't want to look bloated.
and blow up too fast and I want to retain most of what I gained in size and strength.
What are some good and safe recommendations.

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