Prohormones, Designer Steroids, and Bodybuilding supplements made by IronMag Labs

Here's a list of the prohormones, designer steroids and other bodybuilding supplements manufactured by IronMag Labs in the ProhormoneDB database, listed from most recent to oldest:

SupplementSupplement TypeDate Added
1-ANDRO RxProhormone(12/31/2010)
Super-DMZ RxProhormone(1/19/2011)
Metha-drol ExtremeProhormone(9/1/2011)
Deca-Drol MaxProhormone(9/2/2011)
Halo for HerProhormone(5/8/2012)
Halo ExtemeProhormone(5/21/2012)
Super DMZ Rx 2.0Prohormone(10/1/2012)
M-Sten RxProhormone(12/20/2012)