About ProhormoneDB, the Prohormone Database

I've been interested in fitness and strength training for 30+ years, probably from reading too many Conan comic books when I was a kid. As I've grown older (I'm 45 as I write this in 2011) my goals haven't changed: look good and be strong. But getting older has unwanted side effect. I get injured more easily, I take longer to recover from workouts and njuries, and it's harder to make gains in the gym.

I tried a 'prohormone' a few years ago at the age of 42. Although I've been working out a long, long time (25+ years) I was never huge. I'd been a solid 185 for over a decade. On a 5 week pulse cycle of Havoc, I went from 185 to 193 and lost about 2% body fat. I pulled 435 on the dead, a PR, 10 pounds more than my previous PR set at the age of 32.

I was lifting stupid though, doing a heavy 4x5 full body workout 3x per week, and it wasn't long before I paid the price. In the years since my Havoc run, I tore a triceps tendon doing bench, tore a wrist tendon doing cleans, ruptured a disc in my back while dead lifting, had to get a bone spur taken off my left elbow (damn those heavy skull crushers!), and still need to get the one taken off my right. I struggled to stay ahead of injuries, all the while still bulling forward with heavy weight compound exercises.

The disk rupture in October 20120 was the worst. No choice about workouts now - I was in too much pain. My right leg was partially numb and very weak. Doc said wait it out. Not better in 6 months, consider surgery. It took the full 8 months, but finally the numbness went away and my leg returned to full strength. During that time, I stayed in the gym, but avoided anything that stressed my back. Leg extensions anyone (and I hate leg extensions). As memory of my injury slowly faded and I began to squat (front squats now) and dead again (I switched to sumo style), I started thinking about another run of Havoc or something else. I hit Google and started research.

There's a ton of information available, and I mean a ton, spread all over. Forums mostly, but web sites and blogs too. Being a web developer, I said to myself, self, why don't you build a website with all the prohormone info, and links to stores and other stuff, all in one place? So I did. And here you are. All the brohormone (no, that's not a typo) science in one place.

As you browse ProhormoneDB, always remember that I'm not a medical professional, or a hardcore bodybuilder, or a chemist with a degree in biochemistry. Use the information on ProhormoneDB at your own risk. I gathered it from message boards, stores, labels, logs, reviews, company pages, and other web pages. Just because the information I gathered is out there doesn't mean it's accurate. Keep that in mind as you search this site and others for information on prohormones and bodybuilding supplements.

Your health is invaluable, and, used improperly, prohormones and designer steroids can do damage you might not ever recover from!